Conductor's Toolbox







Should pop & jazz choirs be conducted? If so, then when? How?

How can conducting remarkably improve your ensemble's performance?


Innovative choir direction with the focus on conducting and body language.


- There should be consistency between what I want and what I show

- Spontaneous response to the "magic hand"

- Keep it simple and remove noise

- Use Vocal Painting and Conducting together


The tools and methodology are improved by working with:

-10 Points about Conducting

-10 Tools for Conducting

-10 Songs for Conducting

Jesper Holm


Jesper Holm teaches Innovative Rhythmic Choir Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, Denmark as well as at Codarts conservatory in the Netherlands. He also does lectures and workshops in many EU countries and China.

In addition to his classical conducting education, Jesper has spent the past 20 years developing his expertise in conducting technique for contemporary music. His work with his vocal jazz formation Touché has provided him with the experiences he now uses as the basis for his teaching methods.











Methods and tools for New Piece Methodology and Known Piece Methodology.

- Prep work and vocal games that will make it easier for your singers to learn the music;

- Develop a better progression and flow in your rehearsal; 

- How to use Conducting/Body Language/Vocal Painting to support your instructions;

- Move & Groove and subdivisions exercises. 


The tools and methodology are improved by working with:

-10 Points about New Piece Methodology

-10 Points about Known Piece Methodology

-10 Songs and games for Methodology Practicing 











How to play Piano Score. 

- What's inside the score? Reduce/add and play only what’s needed;

- How to support your singers by playing the appropriate accompaniment;

- Play, conduct and sing at the same time.



The tools and methodology are improved by working with:

-10 Points about Piano Score Playing

-10 Exercises for Piano Score Playing

-10 Songs for Piano Score Practicing

Conductor's Toolbox


Tools and methodology for innovative choir leading sampled and developed by


Jesper Holm

Assistant Professor at the Royal Academy of Music Aalborg/Aarhus, Denmark  





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