Online Sessions




Get feedback on your choir leading.

Join a Study Group or have Solo Lessons.



- Show a video where you are leading your own choir; 

- Get feedback on leading/ rehearsal methodology;

- Be coached in Conducting Technique/Body Language;

- Learn the tools from CONDUCTORS TOOLBOX; 


- Improve your CHOIR PIANO skills.


You´ll hook up with a study partner and you will get your own online room where you can work together on tasks and exchange experiences in between the online sessions: 

“Cool. I’m living in France. How is innovative choir leading in your country Finland? “

We are using some great software, so we can have a professional quality conference, conducting together, watching video together, share documents, draw, write comments, chat, and record the session directly to your own hard drive ;-)  

How to Book


You can join a Study Group or have Solo Lessons.


Study Group

- The course will be in daytime hours between 10am-3pm;

- 3 sessions, two students; Each session is 50 minutes +10 minutes    for technical and personal connection. 


Solo Lessons:

Book a 30 or 60 minutes session


Send me an email for booking information:

Subject line: BOOK Online Session.



Price: 150 € / person for 3 sessions. (2 persons in the study group)

Solo Lessons: 100 € (50 minutes), 50 € (25 minutes)

Conductor's Toolbox


Tools and methodology for innovative choir leading sampled and developed by


Jesper Holm

Assistant Professor at the Royal Academy of Music Aalborg/Aarhus, Denmark  





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